2010 Rare Editions and One of a Kind Pieces

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Hoopla event Party piece

Hand Stained winter scene

DSCN4034.JPG (152919 bytes) DSCN4035.JPG (146492 bytes) DSCN4036.JPG (157498 bytes)      
Tabby Cat Ornament DSCN4033.JPG (179228 bytes) DSCN4032.JPG (152332 bytes)        
One of a Kind 
Steel Grey Tabby
  DSCN4038.JPG (199665 bytes) DSCN4037.JPG (166923 bytes)      
Santa 2010

Special request 1 of a kind

DSCN4025.JPG (171603 bytes) DSCN4026.JPG (149880 bytes) DSCN4028.JPG (147700 bytes) DSCN4027.JPG (152140 bytes)    
Order any 
Box or Figurine and be entered in our drawing for this FREE one of a kind with yellow Scarf
DSCN3362.JPG (91633 bytes) DSCN3363.JPG (100505 bytes) DSCN3364.JPG (89614 bytes) DSCN3366.JPG (106006 bytes) Drawing to be Held 
November 1, 2010
Melena King
Compton Bat


DSCN3457.JPG (112991 bytes) DSCN3458.JPG (122927 bytes) DSCN3459.JPG (122858 bytes) DSCN3460.JPG (117976 bytes)    
Netsuke Ivory and Hand Stained
Hand Wax Polished
(A new finish Neil has created)

Trick or treat

one of a kind DSCN3589.JPG (72814 bytes) DSCN3591.JPG (70111 bytes)  
Hoot for Halloween Haunted Scene one of a kin DSCN3576.JPG (85105 bytes) DSCN3577.JPG (78511 bytes)  


Siamese Scaredee Cat with Hand Painted Bats one of a kind DSCN3580.JPG (79501 bytes) DSCN3581.JPG (85136 bytes)
Grey Scaredee Cat with Hand Painted Bats one of a kind DSCN3582.JPG (75910 bytes) DSCN3583.JPG (75601 bytes)
Pewter Cast Scaredee Cat

Very Heavy

one of a kind DSCN3568.JPG (95734 bytes)    
Pewter Cast

Trick or Treat Kitty

Very Heavy!

one of a kind DSCN3569.JPG (94509 bytes) DSCN3570.JPG (92623 bytes)  
Red Cast

Frog on pumpkin

LE 3 DSCN3571.JPG (76732 bytes) DSCN3572.JPG (85870 bytes)
Glow in the dark Scaredee Cat LE 3 DSCN3554.JPG (87273 bytes)  
Candy Corn Trick or Treat

(This piece is part of the remaining LE of  12)


one of a kind DSCN3557.JPG (79237 bytes) DSCN3558.JPG (78630 bytes)
Santa Pot Hand Painted Blue Coat with Hand Painted Stars one of a kind DSCN3559.JPG (117590 bytes) DSCN3560.JPG (134788 bytes)
Bronze Hoot for Hallowen LE 3 DSCN3546.JPG (87101 bytes) DSCN3547.JPG (91690 bytes)
Netsuke Casting Hand Stained Green Frog LE of 5 DSCN3550.JPG (75584 bytes) DSCN3551.JPG (75995 bytes) Club Members ONLY


Very 1st Pewter casting Neil did with a red cast base One of a kind DSCN3553.JPG (88231 bytes)  
Hagatha Box One of a Kind DSCN3523.JPG (93133 bytes) DSCN3521.JPG (91003 bytes) DSCN3524.JPG (72901 bytes)


Purple Cast Skull

Fixed Jaw

One of a kind DSCN3532.JPG (81340 bytes) DSCN3533.JPG (64455 bytes)  
Aged Finish Skull One of a Kind DSCN3537.JPG (69960 bytes) DSCN3538.JPG (73959 bytes)
Mold Variation
White Owl and Pumpkin

Star painted Hat
Green flamed Cauldron
Glow in the dark Frog in Cauldron

One of a Kind DSCN3487.JPG (104644 bytes)    


Hagatha Mold Variation

Calico Cat on Bone Spoon with multi colored potion bottle

Star painted Hat
Green flamed Cauldron
Glow in the dark Frog in Cauldron

One of a Kind


DSCN3483.JPG (142636 bytes) DSCN3484.JPG (111341 bytes)
Red Cast

Scaredee Cat

one of a kind DSCN3566.JPG (89680 bytes) DSCN3567.JPG (85091 bytes)  
Black cast Skull

Fixed Jaw

One of a Kind DSCN3528.JPG (77017 bytes) DSCN3531.JPG (65225 bytes)
Bronze Trick or Treat Frog

(This piece is part of the remaining LE of  12)

one of a kind


DSCN3548.JPG (85107 bytes) DSCN3549.JPG (92018 bytes)
Special Request Hagatha

Click Here for details on how to get yours!

DSCN3461.JPG (112389 bytes) DSCN3462.JPG (116458 bytes) DSCN3463.JPG (121525 bytes)
Special Request Hagatha

Click Here for details on how to get yours!

DSCN3464.JPG (114616 bytes) DSCN3465.JPG (126491 bytes) DSCN3466.JPG (108498 bytes)
Club Members only

Trick or Treat Sale 
12 One of a Kinds

Pumpkin Pal

One of a Kind

Member request

DSCN3162.JPG (118850 bytes) DSCN3165.JPG (154451 bytes) DSCN3164.JPG (135847 bytes)
Pumpkin Pal

One of a Kind

Member request

DSCN3065.JPG (128040 bytes) DSCN3067.JPG (147127 bytes) DSCN3066.JPG (148309 bytes) DSCN3068.JPG (157321 bytes)

DSCN3069.JPG (143930 bytes)

Morel Hop

Original image provided

frog.JPG (152912 bytes)

One of a Kind DSCN2494.JPG (143368 bytes) DSCN2496.JPG (146302 bytes) DSCN2497.JPG (161129 bytes)
One of a Kind

Watch the Birdie

Gold Bells

Siamese Cat

Himalayan Cat

DSCN2694.JPG (151962 bytes) DSCN2695.JPG (222604 bytes) DSCN2697.JPG (242807 bytes)
Special request Anniversary Edition

Private commission 
Edition of 1

One of a Kind Created for Ron and Shirley Loos as a 40th Anniversary gift from their daughter Shallon

One of a Kind

DSCN2514.JPG (95764 bytes) DSCN2516.JPG (83035 bytes)
 Hoppy Easter Bronze Given away the 2010
online Spring Fling event

LE of 2

DSCN2357.JPG (119809 bytes)     
 Spring Fling
Event release Pastel Colored
 LE of 3      
Spring Fling

Hand Painted silhouette Cottage scene

LE of 3
DSCN2346.JPG (166009 bytes)


DSCN2347.JPG (189568 bytes) DSCN2348.JPG (175640 bytes)
Shadow Black
Hand Painted Barn Scene
DSCN2349.JPG (170981 bytes)  



DSCN2350.JPG (167611 bytes) DSCN2352.JPG (186437 bytes)
Spring Fling overlay   One of a Kind
Pondemonium Netsuke Ivory One of a kind
Kitty Hop 

Netsuke Ivory

LE of 2
Green Man


LE of 2
DSCN2376.JPG (196064 bytes)


DSCN2377.JPG (204996 bytes)
Netsuke Ivory 

Green Man

One of a kind
DSCN2295.JPG (181394 bytes)

DSCN2296.jpg (237073 bytes)




DSCN2297.JPG (204185 bytes) DSCN2298.JPG (190217 bytes)
Green Man

New Charcoal Finish

One of a kind
DSCN2302.JPG (183916 bytes)


DSCN2304.JPG (194644 bytes) DSCN2303.JPG (184666 bytes)
Flambé Green Man One of a kind


DSCN2305.JPG (176873 bytes)  


DSCN2307.JPG (196336 bytes) DSCN2306.JPG (180008 bytes)
Green Man

Solid Green casting with Hand Stained accents

LE of 3
DSCN2268.JPG (120569 bytes)
DSCN2269.JPG (112297 bytes)
Hoppy Easter One of a kind
Hoppy Easter One of a kind
Bling Morel Hop 


one of a kind
Brushed Pewter Spring Fling LE of 2
DSCN2327.JPG (83111 bytes)

DSCN2328.JPG (83752 bytes)




DSCN2330.JPG (84980 bytes) DSCN2329.JPG (83366 bytes)
Mushroom Top

Brushed Pewter

One of a Kind
DSCN2341.JPG (181984 bytes) DSCN2340.JPG (153975 bytes)

DSCN2342.JPG (155708 bytes)

Kitty Hop

Green Egg

One of a Kind
Kitty Hop

Yellow Egg

One of a kind
Field trip

Screw Top Lid


One of a Kind

All others are drop in lid

DSCN2378.JPG (163145 bytes)

DSCN2380.JPG (207054 bytes)


DSCN2379.JPG (152753 bytes)
Field Trip Mouse

Flat base 
(Version not approved for release)

1 Ivory Mouse
1 grey mouse

1 Black Mouse

All one of a kinds


 Solid Green casting
High polish shine

Green man

 One of a kind  
DSCN2299.JPG (106577 bytes)
 dscn2300.jpg (110311 bytes)