Kitty's Court Jester

Companion piece to 2006 Karmic Jester
(click here then scroll to bottom of the page to see Karmic Jester)

3.5" Tall
2" Wide

Shown above with Karmic Jester

5 Kitty's on one piece!

Kitty Court Ivory Releasing only for Paint your own in Feb 2009 Email for details    40.00
Kitty's Court 

General Release

Your choice of 
1 Cat color
Ivory Kitty's
Grey Kitty's (shown)
Orange Kitty's (shown

Please Note:
All Cats on the piece will be the same color as chosen

Grey shown below
DSCN0188.JPG (81299 bytes)
Kitty's Court

your own

Choose 1 Kitty color Ivory
Shadow Black
Your choice
2 Colors for 
Hat Tones

Choose Bell Color
Silver or Gold

Choose Box Color
Dark Brown

Overlay Finish


Please Note:
All Cats on the piece will be the same color as chosen
Due to the limited color schemes available
All pieces for create your owns will be signed and numbered based on cat color chosen
Orders can be emailed to 

Kitty Court
Cold Cast Bronze
DSCN0082.JPG (76895 bytes) DSCN0083.JPG (77989 bytes) DSCN0084.JPG (71437 bytes) 75.00


Kitty Court
Cold Cast Pewter
DSCN0213.JPG (73978 bytes) DSCN0216.JPG (73931 bytes) 65.00
Kitty Court
Cold Cast Copper
DSCN0211.JPG (79023 bytes) DSCN0212.JPG (75836 bytes) 65.00

Below are color trial samples to give you an idea for color choices on the paint your own

Kitty's Court   

DSCN0005.JPG (69169 bytes)


DSCN9986.JPG (67664 bytes) DSCN9991.JPG (88385 bytes) DSCN9994.JPG (77846 bytes) DSCN0015.JPG (79663 bytes)




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