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We had mentioned an announcement coming and now that everything is in place we are pleased to announce that Eyre Designs will be adding several independent artists to our line with the goal of providing a range of Limited Edition figurines that we hope will have collectors buzzing again in the marketplace.

As many of you know Neil took on a position last year that allowed him to further his skills in the sculpting world both personally and professionally.  He has met many great sculptors along the way and some of his works are now displayed in the most high line shops and homes in the world. He will continue this venture in 2019 as an independent artist. The opportunities that have been afforded to him are simply amazing and we are so very grateful.

Eyre Designs will always be Neil’s baby but, as in life, babies grow. Neil started his lines in 2002 when he first came over to USA. We have built a line with integrity and his own style that everyone has come to enjoy. This will not change.  Neil is very proud of what he has created with Eyre Designs over the last 17 years and is now going to share that pride with other independent artists.  

We want to be very clear to everyone; this new adventure is NOT Neil stepping aside from what he does or sculpting for Eyre Designs, that will never happen. In fact, Neil will be working even harder and side-by-side with several independent artists. Each artist will remain independent and work under the direction of Neil for each piece; they will also be provided with your feedback as collectors and interact with you through our Facebook page. In fact your input has started already; recently, on our Facebook page,  you were asked what you would like to see come into the line.

This venture is us bringing in some of the most talented artists in the USA and abroad to share their designs with us all.   Each artist brings to Eyre Designs their own unique style and design and we are very excited to embrace them. You will see quirky, fun loving, nature at its best and fine art.  There will be figurines, boxes, items for the home as well as items for the heart. The artists selected on this venture are very talented and we are honored to have them join us.

Neil will not compromise on quality or the hand finishing in our studio.  We will maintain our collectible Editions 50 or less. We will also expand our gift line of pieces which will also be signed and numbered but open editions. Our online events will now include not only Neil’s work but the work of others that are joining us forming this amazingly talented team.

While the artists will sculpt offsite, all pieces done by Neil or any other independent artist will be molded, cast and hand finished by Neil in his studio.  All pieces will continue to be signed and numbered by Neil as he will be hand finishing every piece and they will carry the Neil Eyre / Eyre Designs name.

It is our hope, in the near future, to hold an event where collectors can meet the artists, have pieces signed and celebrate the artwork these amazing artists are creating. The thought of having a collectible gathering event again is so very exciting! Who knows, maybe there will even be another gathering here on Long Island.

In the coming days the artists will be announced and current models in progress will be shared with everyone on our website as well as via email and our Facebook page. A few sneak peaks of models in progress have already been shared on our Facebook page and we look forward to introducing you to the artists who are already hard at work on models. If you have yet to visit our Facebook page here is the link

In the meantime, we hope you will embrace this venture with us and share in the excitement of what this can bring back to the collectible world.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us.  In the end this is not about us, it is about being able to share the works of others in hopes that they will be welcomed into the collectible world just as Neil was.

Thank you all so very much.

Neil and Bernadette Eyre
  Crawling Hands

Sculpted by Melanie (Mel)

Ivory Stained and our infamous Glow in the Dark

Releasing soon
As you all know Neil has taken an Independent sculpting position with Hyde-Park Mouldings.

This Flower swag was a piece that was sculpted by Neil for a very large plaster ornamental project he finished for them. We hope to share Neil's full project soon.

After 2 weeks of perp and finishing, last week Neil presented this piece to David Nassim owner of in our Eyre Designs finish of crushed Marble dust. It was presented as shown in the photo above including mounting it in the 14 x 22" shadow Box frame.

David loved it so much, he told Neil you have to release this to your collectors.

With the permission of the owner David we are pleased to announce that we will be releasing this Decorative Flower Swag sculpted by Neil in our Marble dust casting and hand stained finish with Gold Leaf accents. They will be signed and numbered editions as well. We thank David and Hyde-Park for his permission as this piece was very special to Neil for personal reasons.

Please stay Tuned for release details that will allow you to customize this beautiful piece in full or just the Tear Drops to match your home décor with or without the shadow box frame mounting. Either way it will be ready for display in your home.

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