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All pieces on this page are signed by Neil Eyre. Any item marked with an * is an open casting mold and is hand finished by Neil all others are our own designs and are copyright by Neil Eyre

If you are interested in Limited Editions which are signed and numbered, please visit our Limited Edition Page

To order any item please email neileyre@gmail.com

Spring Has Sprung
Pnoramic Egg


Signed Edition


2.5" Tall


$44.99 Shipped

To order
Spring has Sprung Egg use this email neileyre@gmail.com

Your Choice


Sitting Sphynx
Green Eyes
2.5" Tall


Blue / Pink Coat "Chillin" Sphynx

3.25" long


Green Eyes
(middle in Picture)


Far Right
Green Eyes

"Laying Sphynx"



$35.99 each

Signed Editions


To order


email neileyre@gmail.com


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Dragon Egg *

Green / Gold Leaf


Signed Edition




St Patrick's Day

Pot of Gold Kitty

Box Release

by Neil Eyre


Signed Edition




To see the
Limited Edition release of 50
Click Here


Indian Elephant *


Blue / Silver


2.25" Long




Plat Time Elephant *


Red / Gold


2.25" Tall












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