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Due to all pieces being hand made to order we do not offer prepaid links on this page.



Our resident Alien

Sculpt by Mel


Finishes by Neil Eyre


2.5" Tall


Available in Hand Stained - Right


Glow in Dark - Left


Both versions Signed and Numbered


$30.00 Each Shipped


 All New

Glow in Dark Pumpkins *
 Set of 5


Shown in actual photos of our Glowing Formulation


Signed and Numbered


Limited to 50 Sets


$ 35.00

Cat with Witch Hat Magnet

2.5" Tall
2.25" Wide



Signed Edition


American Horror Band Stand


Glow in Dark Magnets

Set of 4

Each 3" Tall


$45.00 Set of 4
Signed Edition

American Horror Band Stand




Guitar Player Magnet

Drummer Magnet

Base Player
Sax Player


$12.99 each Shipped





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