Meet the Team at Neil Eyre / Eyre Designs
Artist and Owner

Neil & Bern Eyre

Established Eyre Designs in 2003.

Neil and Bern met and married in 2002. First opening Neil's USA line under his UK line Eye for Detail UK. In 2003 we opened Eyre Designs.

Neil holds a Bachelor's Degree with honors in Product Design from Wolverhampton University and has been sculpting since he was a boy. He was born in the UK and is also a USA citizen.

Neil has sculpted for several companies but also remained an independent artist allowing him to continue his Eyre Designs Line.
For confidentiality reasons we
are not showing Lex's photo

Is a long Island native that met Neil in the summer of 2018.

He is a master sculptor and loves challenges in his work.

We are looking forward to brining Lex's unique and
seductive sculpture style to Eyre Designs.

Neil is a NY artist that Neil also met in the Summer of 2018

Marco is an amazing wood carver and sculptor. His focus is more fine art. We are looking forward to seeing his creations in Marble dust!
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