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All pieces on this page are signed and numbered
Limited Editions of 50 or Less. Any piece listed with an * is made from an
open availability mold,
however it is hand cast and finished by Neil

Alternate colorway pieces maybe found on our Gift Line page.
All Gift Line items are signed but not numbered.

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Voted Best of the Best on Long Island's North and South Forks

Jan 6, 2020


Happy Cow*

4" Wide

3.25" Tall


Hand Stained Ivory


LE 50

Signed and Numbered




Jan 2020


oral Rose Wall Swag


Includes as shown

Double Tear connected Drops Sconce & Main Floral Swag in Custom Shadow Box Frame


With your Choice of Rose Colors
Red - As Shown
New Blue - Shown Below in Tear
Rainbow - Shown Below in Tear

White / Ivory



Sculpted by Neil Eyre


21" Wide x 10.5" Long Drop

Shadow Box 24"


Only Available in Shadow Box due to complexity and Size of the piece


Total Edition of Combined Colors
is 30


$ 295.00
(Layaway is Available)

Due to box size and packing shipping is an included value of $35.00 Frame Value is 45.00


This Item is signed and numbered
on the Back of the Shadow Box


Floral  Single Tear Drop Sconce


Version 1


Includes Single Tear Drop  Sconce
Fitted with inset Hanger on Back


Available in

Red Rose - Shown
Blue Rose - Shown
Rainbow Rose - Shown

Yellow Rose
White / Ivory Rose

Pink Rose


Sculpted by Neil Eyre


8.25" Long


* Shadow box frame is
available to order  and will ship with piece affixed into the box*



Total of all combined colors 50




Single Tear

Shadow Box


Version 2
(choose from above colors)


All  Tears ordered in Shadow Box will be signed and Numbered on the  back of the Shadow Box


Tear in  9.25" x 11" Shadow Box





Indian Elephant *


Red / Gold Leaf


2.25" Long


LE of 50





"Let it Snow"

Snowmen Magnet Set


Limited Edition Hand Painted 2020
Winter Blue Colorway Retires 1/31/2020

Not to Exceed 25 Sets of 6!
making the Bottom Left & Center LE's of 25!


Set of 6 Magnets








"Let It Snow"

Snowmen Singles


$11.99 each

by position shown


Top Left
Top Center
Top Right
Bottom Right


Only 4 of the 6 are available in Singes and start at #26 as sets are reserved numbers 1-25









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